Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughts While Buying Photobooks

A blessing and a curse: The Photobook: A History, volumes 1-3,
by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger.
“I haven’t actually seen it, but Mike Johnston / Jörg Colberg / Jeffrey Ladd recommended it, so it must be good.”

“Why doesn’t Arcana / Hennessey + Ingalls / Opening Ceremony have that book? It was on photo-eye’s ‘Best Books of the Year’ list!”

“I wonder if people will stare at me if I look at this book of nudes.”

“If I ask (famous photographer) to just sign his/her name in my book, will s/he hate me forever?”

“I’ve been waiting years for them to reprint (classic out-of-print photobook), so of course I have to buy it.”

“If I don’t buy it now, the price will skyrocket in a few months, and I’ll never be able to get a copy for a reasonable price.”

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